Energy Chamber: Resonance Aura

Energy Chamber: Resonance Aura

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 2015

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla


Think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration, XCEED present Energy Chamber in this spatial dimension. It consists of a series of four kinetic installations, each entitled with Resonance Aura; resonating in different speed and sound frequencies to create a specific energy model. Being the extension series of XCEED’s previous work Resonance Seed, Resonance Aura uses persistence of vision, sound and mechanical movement to present a new dimension form of Mandala and to create a new perspective of energy. Inspired by the mechanics of a watch, the tourbillon system adds in the time axis and it is being transcended into a dynamic three-dimensional kinetic sculpture. In sonic aspect, ancient Solfeggio-Frequency is introduced in the soundtrack. By using the sound of singing bowls to create the basic tone and combine with its relative Chakras frequency for sound healing purpose. Those tones are transformed into its carrier waveform to compose an ambient atmosphere, helping the audience to reconcile the consciousness of their bodies. Energy Chamber: Resonance Aura is about a new point of view to focus on the body, mind, soul, energy and time.

Resonance Aura Zero
Steel, Motor and custom built LEDs panel
400W x 300D x 300H
194.18 Hz (Root Chakras)

Resonance Aura I
Brass, Steel, Motor and Screen
420W x 420D x 680H
MI – 528 Hz (3rd Chakras – Solar Plexus)

Resonance Aura II
Brass, Steel, Motor and Screen
340W x 340D x 450H
LA – 852 Hz (6th Chakra – Third Eye)

Resonance Aura III
Brass, Steel, Motor and Screen
340W x 340D x 450H
SOL – 741 Hz (5th Chakras – Throat)

Spatial Dimensions:
2.5m (W) x 2.5m (L) x 3m (H)

Openframeworks, Ableton Live, Reaktor, Processing, Arduino

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