New Vision Arts Festival, 2014

RadianceScape is the void space wherever γ-beam plotted the city contour. Its solitude awakes the detached emotion, also in reflecting the darkness of the truth. In the wreckages and ruins, would it recall what the witness experienced?

Since 2011, the 311 Earthquake in Fukushima once again woke up the world attention on the nightmare of the nuclear disaster. Until now, there is no workable solution for Japan to fix the radiation leaking problem. The highly radiated wastewater has to be released to the Pacific Ocean and keep contaminating the marine life and in the result of damaging the whole food chain. While, the Japan government keeps hiding the news and real situation of the radiation problem. The project aims at visualising the radioactivity and raise out the awareness to the public.

RadianceScape is a data-visualising audiovisual piece. It based on the live radiation data from the Safecast.org, a global sensor network for collecting and sharing radiation measurements, to generate a cityscape. It appears in a point-cloud depth-mapping visuals in which the density of the radiation level is representing the visibility of the cityscape. The sequence of the images is grabbed from the Google Streetview API’s hidden depthmap data.

In the sound composition, it is based on the relative radiation data to generate different tonal of drone ambience and noise. The graphical scores are composed with the mapped data-log. It consists of 2 separated parts, first part is illustrating the route of Hong Kong, where visualising the radiation level from Mongkok to Tsim Sha Tsui area. The second part is illustrating the route of Fukushima, where visualising the radiation level from the Fukushima Prefecture to the nuclear power plant.


Openframeworks, Adobe AfterEffects, Abelton Live, NI Reaktor, IanniX

Screening and Exhibition:

Microwave International New Media Arts Festival / Hong Kong
Madatac Festival / Mardrid
Ars Electronica Festival – Deep Space 8K / Linz
Museum of Contemporary Arts Taipei / Taipei
Beijing Media Art Biennale 2016 / Beijing

FILE – Electronic Language International Festival / São Paulo
Klingt Gut! Sound Symposium / Hamburg
The 15th Seoul International New Media Festival / Seoul
Lumen Prize Exhibition / London, New York, Shanghai, Wales
International Electronic Music Week / Shanghai

New Vision Arts Festival / Hong Kong

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